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Through fellowship, learning, and serving together in the name of our Lord, our ministries profess the Word and the Will of Jesus. Our charge is to receive and allow the manifestation of God’s purpose for each of us. We willing accept the Lord’s Will; faithfully rely on His Word and joyfully with love praise Him in all we do. Through diligently seeking Christ for His Will to be done through us, we learn who we are and what our purpose is & move forward in who Lord called us to be and what the Lord calls us to do. Knowing faith without works is dead, we must invest our time and effort in learning, following and doing the Will of God.  From self-development to building and encouraging in the name of Jesus, we seek how we may continue to grow the kingdom of Christ through our faith and works.

Intercessory Prayer

The Intercessory Prayer Ministry is dedicated to helping individuals understand the importance of developing an authentic relationship with Christ through individual and corporate prayer. This ministry also devotes time to interceding on behalf of others through individual and corporate times of prayer.

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry is a combination of anointed singers and musicians whose purpose is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through song, encourage believers in their walk with Christ, lead the congregation in worship and provide an avenue through which individuals may share their gift and be an integral part of the worship service

Dance Teams

The Dance Ministry is dedicated to worshipping the Lord through the art of dance. We seek to glorify God in all aspects of our lives and liturgical dance is another avenue of expression of our worship to God

Audio/Video Ministry

The Audio/Video Ministry is dedicated to assisting the church in reaching the community and congregation using technology to amplify, record, and share Gods Word through the distribution of cd’s and dvd’s.

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry is dedicated to inviting youth ages 12 to 18 into a lifetime relationship with Jesus; equipping them through spiritual and academic education, Christian fellowship, encouragement, and group activities. The Youth Ministry challenges our children to grow and discover God’s vision and purpose for their life.

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